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Transformation Happens When You Let Go.

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Transformation Happens When You Let Go.

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Sometimes we hold on to our past and to our destructive habits because as adults, we don’t alway have the time to see that what we’re doing is destructive or not helpful, especially when we’re trying to get ahead and achieve our life’s goals.

The treadmill of stress with tons of commitments means that we’re often prevented from stopping and dealing with our own deepest issues. So we land up trying to control our lives and suppress what we need to address.

But life can sometimes brutally shove us out of our comfort zones, throwing us into confusion and chaos. And it usually occurs just when we are motoring along, thinking that all is well – not realising that what we need is a whole new perspective.

And yet, we can put up a massive fight trying to ignore what life is actually trying to teach us.

Human beings also don’t like been forced to accept new realities and we certainly don’t like change either.

However, life often has a way of nudging and remind us that our identity doesn’t come just from a relationship, our careers or our children. Rather, it is born deep within – from all our life’s experiences. But sometime we need to stop in order to recognise this, so as to allow ourselves time to breathe and time to discover who we truly are – worts and all.

And when we let go of our need to control, and once we allow ourselves a bit of time to reflect and re-think, this is when we allow ourselves to grow – so that one day we can look back and say, “ If it wasn’t for what happened then, if it wasn’t for that moment when I let go, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

So remember – transformation usually only happens when we let go.

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