The Deidré Wallace System


Psychodynamic Relationship Therapist, Life Coach and Teacher.

I am not offering relationship advice – I am offering relationship knowledge:

I am a Psychodynamic Relationship Therapist, Life Coach and Teacher. I have had a Private Practice for 20 years. My training involved a rigorous 4.5 years relationship therapy training involving 450 supervised voluntary counselling hours.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree, later qualifying as an adult education teacher, teaching in various adult education colleges, in prisons and in a London hospital, mentoring in various schools, then training as a relationship therapist and handed a private practice, I have put together a step-by-step relationship knowledge system.

This system is based on various teaching experiences, my studies and 24 years of client observation – which explains exactly how and why we choose our personal and business relationships.

In doing so, I have provided information that explains how we develop and what the pitfalls may be, when entering a relationship or choosing a partner. The ‘layers of development’ has not been written about before. Neither have some of the taboo subjects which many others therapists steer well away from, but which I feel are necessary truths, especially as children are often by-products of failed relationships.

Also, my step-by-step system refers to the issues that a couple would normally have to address during therapy. My system also attracts readers who are therapists themselves or trainee therapists. And herein lies its educational value.

My system does not offer relationship advice rather it offers relationship knowledge. And this is what makes me different. I understand how adults learn. And how I’ve packaged this knowledge, enables people to think differently and it helps them understand the importance of creating a good foundation if they wish to start a family.

Relationships are risky, and I teach people how to reduce this risk. I teach them how to choose partners with their eyes wide open – not shut. And I also offer tools and techniques that provide a better and deeper understanding so that people can work towards healing or improving their relationships as is deemed necessary.

Besides these blogs, I also offer my relationship knowledge via my Facebook Group and my Facebook Page. I have also written over 170 articles and posts for Linkedin, which can be found on my profile page. I am also on Twitter, Pinterest, Medium and beBee.

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