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Have You Got Enough Courage To Break The Shell Of Fear?

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Have You Got Enough Courage To Break The Shell Of Fear?

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Here is a little story:

Once upon a time and far away in an old and massive forest, there was an egg and inside the egg, there was a little person bursting to emerge.

Unfortunately, this little person didn’t have the courage it takes, to break its shell.

Also, the little person had known the shell for a very long time. It was warm, it was safe and it was comfortable.

The thought of living ‘out there’ and what that might entail, completely terrified this little person.

Every day the little person pondered its fate. Everyday it would wonder what it would be like to survive out there, hoping that maybe one day, maybe one day the shell might just break.

But all these options and questions would just go round and round, round and round in the head of this little person until thoughts would come no more.

Eventually sleep always prevailed.

Sometimes the little person would just give up. Often the little person swore never to break the shell – ever.

So years went by and the little person just sat there, absolutely paralysed.

Yet, deep down there was still a little voice saying, ‘Come on, you can do this, you can break this shell and it will break’.

Then on one strange day, just as the little person thought they would give themselves one more chance to break out of the constricting shell, a miracle happened!

Something began to tap on the shell. Then slowly small cracks started appearing. Our little person was rather mystified. What was happening and who was doing this?

The ‘who’ had come from a voice and our little person had never heard a voice before.

It was the voice of someone who would become a very dear friend and mentor to our little being. This person had come to help free our little stuck being.

Together they cracked the shell wide open. Then they pushed and pulled and eventually the little being was freed.

Oh what joy and what a huge relief!

Our little being couldn’t believe what had happened. The shell was now broken. It did break after all! The feeling of joy and relief was absolutely immense. It was such a wonderful feeling to feel free at last.

The two friends then walked into the horizon chatting and laughing whilst holding hands and smiling from ear to ear.

The moral of my little story is:

Take courage. Know that you too might one day break your own shell of fear – when the time is right.

Also, you may have to ask for help or you may get the help you need and this help could come in the form of a mentor, a therapist, a life coach or just the help of a good friend and so on.

Often though, a shift has to come from within. Nobody can help you unless you want to be helped or unless you ask for help.

This usually happens when you realise that enough is enough. It is when you become tired of repeating the same old patterns that are not helping you any longer.

It usually occurs when you decide to make that big courageous step to create a shift in your life so as not to sit paralysed but rather to begin achieving your life goals.

So what’s stopping you?

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