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Blog 81. Dating: Learn Why you Need To Keep Your Personal Life Personal.

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Blog 81. Dating: Learn Why you Need To Keep Your Personal Life Personal – Especially On Social Media.

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With regards dating and relationships, my grandmother reminded me that:

1) What happens in your relationship belongs in your relationship.

2) If you tell all your friends how awful your date or your partner is, after every argument and so on, yet you continue to date or live with them – you will not only look like a fool, you will also appear weak.

3) But also, how can you then expect your friends or family to support you or your partner, if you have left them thinking that your partner is an idiot and so on?

And now with the advent of social media there are a few more rules:

4) Do not post anything about your partner’s details on social media without their permission.

5) Do not post photographs of your partner on social media without their permission.

6) Do not post any jokes or mean comments about your partner on social media.

7) And never post anything to do with your sex life on social media.


  • Because what we give we will receive.
  • And if you are unhappy with your date, your partner or your relationship – remember that the need to take revenge often backfires.
  • Worse still is that potential new partners may see what you’ve posted and this may put them off dating you and so on.
  • Also – potential bosses may see what you’ve posted and if they don’t like what they see, you may find yourself either without work or you may find yourself unemployable.

So it is best to be cautious:

1) Understand that everything you post on social media cannot be deleted.

2) Therefore it is wise to only post images and information that you will be proud of – even though you think that what you’ve posted is private.

3) People can also photograph you, and your comments, and they can then share this with others – so be very careful.

It is therefore always far better and far wiser to keep things to yourself. But if you do need advice – tell a therapist or tell your mother. Otherwise learn to keep your mouth shut tight and your destructive finger away from your computer.

This way you will feel much better about yourself – and you will have remained loyal to your date or partner too.

And ask yourself this: Would you be happy if you found out that your partner was gossiping about you to their friends? Would you be happy if you found photographs or comments about yourself on your partner’s social media, especially if you had not given them permission to do so?

Many would be extremely unhappy.

So why do this to others, your date or partner – to the person you may (or may not) spend the rest of your life with and who you purport to love!

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