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Blog 137. Business, Money And Your Career: Career Success Can Sit Right Under Your Nose.

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Blog 137. Business, Money And Your Career: Career Success Can Sit Right Under Your Nose.

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Over so many years I have repeatedly reminded clients who wish to develop their relationships to learn to look, watch, hear, see and listen – not only to themselves but to others too. Doing so can save a lot of pain, and so on. And now I’m suggesting that if you want to develop your career, you may want to look, watch, see and listen to what is around you – so that you can seek out ideas that may set you apart from the crowd.

A) Every object starts out as an idea. And every idea starts out as a thought. You just have to find that one thing or idea, which usually emerges – out of what you may already be doing:

It may not develop from or into your life’s passion, but it may be some idea that will help you become more successful, it may help you make more money, get a promotion, or it may help you gain more job satisfaction.

However, whatever you choose to do next, may not be the end of your stress and tedium – because there is no job or project that guarantees or offers continuous happiness or joy.

Yet, it could be something that you keep dismissing. It may be something that you haven’t tried because maybe, it just seems too far-fetched.

If we don’t act upon our ideas, this is when we may land up filled with regret and feelings of resentment and anger. Few recognise where these feelings actually stem from, and as a result, they often start looking for others to blame.

On the other hand, some may remember the moment they allowed inaction to get the better of them. Often because of – priorities. People sometimes find excuses via their priorities. And consequently, many manage to let things pass them by.

This is all so sad and it is also unnecessary. And this is why it is important to sit up and take note.

Your next career move may be – what has been sitting right under your nose all along. And it may be what you’ve been ignoring or disregarding, for whatever reason. Probably because you don’t think it’ll work, or you’re too terrified in case it fails and you land up looking silly.

However, as long as you test your idea out on a few trusted people, and if they give you the go ahead – then try it out. You won’t know if it’s a good idea until you do.

B) When ideas pop up into our heads, know this – it is often our inner selves communicating that it’s time to give it a try.

Besides watching for ideas to pop up, there is another technique that you can use:

Some ideas arise or come from within.

But what does this mean?

The reason it is important to learn to listen to yourself and to learn to quieten your mind – is so that ideas can emerge. A good starting point is via therapy, or life coaching, but also through – meditation. And immediately I can imagine you throwing your hands up in the air. But wait. Many do not understand this concept or the deeper meaning.

Meditation is no different to when we become so absorbed by what we’re doing or working on – that time just seems to fly by. It’s when we’re doing something and no thought, other than what we’re focused on, matters. It is when we become so utterly engrossed and absorbed, that the world seems to just go by, unnoticed.

But also, when you do this, other ideas begin to arise and you land up with a vital energy, that seems to carry you forward, enabling you to work for hours on end, without becoming too tired. And the more you do this, the more you may begin to enjoy it. And the more you’ll want to keep working like this too.

But also, if you are looking for a career change and so on, it may be worth your learning to meditate – so new ideas can come forth.

By the way, there are many YouTube videos that teach meditation and you’ll no doubt find one that works for you.

The best time to meditate is when you wake up in the morning and before you start checking your smart phone, and so on. As you wake up, your mind is quiet enough, so you won’t struggle to silence too many thoughts whirring around in your head. Although, even if they do, just let them be. All you have to do is spend 10-15 minutes just focused on your breathing. And during this time you’ll get about one or two minutes of serious stillness, which is when the magic happens.

Once you’ve done this for a few days, you’ll start to miss it, if indeed, you occasionally forget to do so. And in time you’ll realise that not only will you become calmer, new ideas will slowly begin to surface – ideas you may never have thought of. And slowly too, you’ll start becoming more productive in small ways and what emerges – can be very exciting. But you just need to commit yourself to meditating daily.

And a nice spin off is that you’ll also land up being less stressed. And your heart, your blood pressure and your immune system will benefit too – and this alone should make meditating worth your while.

Know this too: Many businessmen along with footballers and sportsmen have begun to meditate.

They meditate, they visualise, and they practice whatever it is they do – day in and day out. They hone their skills and they work very hard to sharpen their thinking. They focus on their goals and they don’t give up, unless they are forced to by unforeseen circumstance, like injuries and so on. But even then, they just keep on going.

But if meditation is not for you, that is okay too.

Not doing so, should not prevent you from looking around you and keeping your eyes open for any gap in the market that may emerge. And this is further proof as stated in a previous blog, that you don’t always have to go to the best schools or even university. And not doing so, should never be used as an excuse.

In other words, do not limit yourself. Do not think that success looks like this or that. It looks like – what you make it to look like. Simple.

Just make sure you find a way of giving your idea an honest try. You have nothing to lose. And if you fail, you will have learnt a few lessons. Then you can pick yourself up – having learnt those lessons to try, and try again. Most successful businessmen know this journey all too well. Often it is failure that leads to success. You must just not be afraid to fail. Indeed, you need to change the any idea of failure in your head – into a learning opportunity. Then go for it.

C) Remember to watch for the doors that open, because they open all right. But few realise this. Few know to watch out for them.

I was fortunate enough to have a father who told me that, whenever a door opens to see the opportunity it may provide, and never to hang back. Even if it seemed weird or odd at the time, a door could lead to another and then another, and so on. Often it’s only when we look back that we understand the bigger picture or the path that we needed to walk, or how each step helped us onto the next. My father was right. And looking back I now see how all the pieces of the puzzle needed to happen. And yes, even the bad bits or the difficult bits. They all needed to happen so I could learn and grow into the next phase that life had in store for me. And I am still on this journey.

So when a door opens – take it. You never know where it may lead. It may not be the perfect job but someone working there that may open the next door for you. You just never know who is on the other side and that is why when a door opens – take the opportunity. Always.

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