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Blog 133. Business, Money And Your Career: Check Your Promises – And Always Follow Through.

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Blog 133. Business, Money And Your Career: Check Your Promises – And Always Follow Through.

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Personal relationships are similar to business relationships. They require hard work and usually the same level of trust and commitment needs to develop, in order for even a business relationship to grow. And good communication skills are imperative for any relationship to work well.

But how is this achieved?

When anyone is called, or sent an e-mail or invited to work on a project and so on, this denotes the possible beginning of a relationship, if one hasn’t already been formed. A reply or a response is expected – even if it is to turn someone down via a “Thank you but no thank you”.

If no reply is given, it can complicate issues.


Even though the sender may realise that you’re not interested in the work or project, they may also cross your name off their list for possible future ventures and you may lose out – when indeed a, “Thank you but maybe next time,” will have sufficed.

Sadly these days, people can receive so many e-mails, that important correspondence can be lost. It is therefore important to carefully sift through what is actually important because ignoring people can have negative results. And again, they may think that you’re not interested and they may just walk away.

If e-mails and so on, lead to anything further – a phone call, a zoom call even a meeting, and so on, as a relationship starts becoming established, this is when communication becomes even more important. This is because at this stage, it is important to show commitment and to begin to develop trust so that people can share ideas, make sales or develop possible projects.

And this is when all correspondence needs to be answered, so that concepts can be followed through and promises no matter how small, can to be honoured.

However, once a connection is developed and a project discussed, even if you think a project is doomed for now, still and more importantly – read through your e-mails before you move on to the next project. You may think you have responded – but check that you have indeed answered all the points requested or that you have indeed, followed through on any promises made – no matter how small.

Failing to do so, could mean that you will have:

  • Lost out on the opportunity to tweak the project,
  • Not have established further projects because if one fails – another may not,
  • Missed the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings that may have developed that you may be unaware of.

As Benjamin Hardy, PhD – “Small things – if not corrected – become big things, always.”

In any case, most projects can be fluid and with a bit of creative input they can be worked on and as a result, who knows where things may lead. But most importantly, relationships will have developed or grown as a result.

Not doing so may close doors.

Unfortunately, people forget that others may be watching. They get busy with their lives, often running rings around themselves, seemingly on top of things but actually, often they land up missing a few important opportunities as a result of sloppiness or a lack of detail. And this can effect future business.

This is why it is important to follow through, check what you have written, in case you may have missed something.

And answering and following through is about good manners as much as it is about honouring the persona you wish to work with.

So the take away? Personal or business relationships need to be worked on and this requires hard work. Do not try to skip the necessary steps.

Benjamin Hardy, PhD, also wrote that, “Your identity follows your behaviour.”

In other words, always check your promises and always follow through because you never know what lies ahead. Not doing so, may tarnish your reputation and no one should allow that to happen – just because they couldn’t be bothered to follow through.

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