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Blog 131. Business, Money And Your Career: All Sizes Are Fit. My Gym Proves It. And Everyone Should Think About Getting Fitter – As It Will Look Good On Your CV.

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Blog 131. Business, Money And Your Career: All Sizes Are Fit. My Gym Proves It. And Everyone Should Think About Getting Fitter – As It Will Look Good On Your CV.

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Thankfully, human beings come in different sizes and this is what makes us all unique and special. Imagine how boring it would be if we all looked the same!

However, no matter what size or shape we are, usually it does not preclude anyone from exercising and being generally aware of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sure there are exceptions, but on the whole most people young and old, can exercise if they put their minds to it. Some however, may find this a touchy subject but it is one that needs to be addressed, nevertheless.

Let me explain:

In my yoga class there are people of all sizes, when I run I see people who are all sizes running, when I go to my gym, I see all sizes exercising, when I swim I see all sizes swimming. This got me thinking.

Many don’t realise, that if you are larger – this does not preclude you from being fit.

In other words, people of all sizes can and do exercise. In other words, just because you are larger does not mean that you cannot be fit and able to run a few miles, attend yoga and so on.

And indeed, during the 2020 pandemic many more started running and exercising from home via Zoom and so on. And the take away was that – those who were fitter certainly benefitted when recovering from the virus.

Indeed, if you Google fitness and the immune system, this is what comes up: Physical activity helps flush out bacteria from the lungs and airways. This can reduce your chances of getting a cold, flu and so on. And exercise causes a change in the antibodies and white blood cells (WBC). WBC’s are the body’s immune system cells that fight disease. And we know too, that exercise helps with heart disease, and it helps reduce stress, and so on.

However there is another benefit:

When we exercise, we exercise the mind. Exercising not only keeps the body fit, it keeps the mind fit too – and it provides an overall feeling of well-being.

Also, one of the greatest values of regular exercise is that self-esteem or self-worth is connected to discipline. And herein lies an important value. Anyone wishing to improve their self-esteem can do so by exercising regularly.


Because once you start exercising it shows: As you tone up, you will begin to feel fabulous and more energised. And this is what builds self-confidence, especially when people start complimenting you – on your new vital appearance.

Also, jogging or running, not only the treadmill, but also out in the open air, and for only about 18-35 minutes, is proven to also help provide a sense of achievement as you can visibly see how far you have run. But also, these days there are so many exercise options from walking, swimming, going to the gym, attending fitness classes, Pilates, yoga classes, playing ball games, golf, cycling, running, boxing, climbing, and the list goes on.

And there is another advantage of exercising: Anyone who exercises regularly, will tell you that it helps relieve stress and although it makes them feel and look a lot better, more importantly, it develops mental discipline. Once exercise becomes a habit, one is less inclined to procrastinate or put things off. You develop a new energy and the benefit of getting things done becomes enjoyable.

This mindset is an asset in the workplace – especially as it denotes self-discipline, self-respect and motivation. Action no matter how small, can inspire other actions – and this can eventually lead to a sense of accomplishment. And in the workplace this is often a valuable tool.

Sadly, we have become a quick-fix, low-effort society. But when we employ someone, having someone who exercises and who understands its benefits can become worth employing:

It could even become part of one’s CV: Indeed when searching for job applicants, one question that should become part of the list of job requirements is whether someone leads a healthy lifestyle and whether they exercise regularly. Sitting behind a desk may not require a certain amount of fitness levels, however fitness levels relate not just to the body but it also relates to how we think and how we view ourselves.

And also, as so many more are now growing older and working beyond retirement age – being fit becomes more important and more crucial: It is also salient to recognise that as we age, the body loses its core muscles and indeed, its muscle density. As a result, back pain and so on, can become a problem as we age.

Indeed people should know that for example when we age, our bottoms begin to sag. This is usually a sign that someone’s core strength is weak and this could lead to all sorts of problems when lifting heavy items later on. Also, the pelvic and stomach muscles support the spine. If these muscles are weak, they can also cause all sorts of back problems and impaired balance. This can lead to falls, clumsiness and stumbling – especially as we reach our 80’s. It is therefore important that we prepare ourselves and that we spend time developing our muscles which can weaken over time.

And you can start just by exercising for 20 minutes a day, in order to slowly build towards an exercise program that is sustainable for the lifestyle you lead.

And I love this anonymous quote: “Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate.” Wisdom indeed.

Exercise not only changes our bodies, it changes our minds, our attitudes and our mood and once again – it relieves stress too. And many who are depressed, have found that starting an exercise regime has helped them cope better. But also, many of my clients had self-worth issues and many found that exercise helped them deal with work issues better too.

Actively pursuing and committing to weekly exercise is therefore so important. Why? Because it helps you maintain a goal orientated mind and during exercise, your brain is given a new focus so that once you return, you are able to come to issues with a freshness that a tired brain will never manage to ever do. In other words, exercise creates a mental agility which can be used to see issues from different angles and this is what successful people need in order to keep on their toes.

But also, each time you exercise you are developing muscle, and you are also detoxing. You will begin to radiate and as you detox, your skin will start looking great too. Often this leads to a radiant complexion and a joyous heart.

But please do not over exercise, as this could lead to injuries and other issues later on. You want to sustain your exercise program so that you can still be doing the same at 80 – yes at 80.

Indeed, Robin Sharma a well-known writer made a sobering statement, “If you don’t make time for exercise you’ll probably have to make time for illness.” Ouch.

This is why Thomas Edison, the American inventor once said that, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air, and exercise.”

Let’s all make sure he is right.

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