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Blog 128. Business, Money And Your Career: Learn More About Your Possible Resistance To Happiness, Success and Wealth.

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Blog 128. Business, Money And Your Career: Learn More About Your Possible Resistance To Happiness, Success and Wealth.

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Oh the excuses!

If you’ve had a difficult childhood, if you’ve been abandoned or smothered, abused, neglected, if you didn’t go to the top schools, if your family didn’t always have plenty of money, if you didn’t do well at school, if you have failed in certain areas in the past – know that even if these things happened, they can easily get used either consciously or unconsciously as excuses, that can get in the way of your success or happiness, or indeed your financial prosperity as an adult.

And if you find yourself angry, enraged, sad, depressed, feeling a failure as a result of what happened in your past – know that this too can be get in the way of you achieving your goals.

Instead, it is important to recognise that as an adult – you have choices. You can learn to leave all this stuff behind you. Wallowing in the past has never helped anyone. And these days it is really unnecessary. There is so much help, and even free help and information being offered, even on the Internet. And as the proverb goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.

And it would be wise to question your prejudices around money.

The reality is that money is the bedrock within society and money makes the world go round. It provides us with options. It gives us buying or purchasing power, it allows us to travel, and to do whatever we want to do – if we earn enough of it, that is.

So when it comes to earning money it is advised that you do not let your excuses, your prejudices, your past failures, get in the way of who you can be. Do not let your family or society and what they believe about money or success, get in your way either.

And this is why it is important to take a good hard look at the prejudices you have learnt to believe with regards money – who makes it or who is allowed to make it.

These beliefs or prejudices can cause resistance and this resistance can create hostility or even an aversion, either consciously or unconsciously, towards achieving happiness, success and even wealth.

This is why it is suggested that in order to overcome these deep-seated views, a shift in attitude may become necessary too.

Making money is not only about working hard. It is also about understanding the laws that govern money but most importantly, it is about developing self-confidence, discipline and learning to be at ease with oneself. Because this is what people notice.

But what does this mean?

If you are emotionally focused on the past, whether you realise this or not, it will drag you down. You won’t be able to make satisfactory choices or quick decisions. And you may find yourself unable open doors or create new opportunities – because your inner world will be focused on the feelings and so on, of your past.

Few realise this truth.

And when my clients became aware of exactly how this works, that we cannot move on until we have sufficiently dealt with our past – many were horrified at how many hurdles they had put in place, preventing them from achieving either relationships or life choices they had hoped to achieve. This horror came from the insights that we absorb unconsciously. And sadly, because we don’t always give ourselves enough time to sit and reflect, we don’t often realise where our prejudices come from – and that they may not even be what we actually believe.

Instead, learn to let go.

Surely, it would be silly to spend your whole life carrying emotional or indeed ‘financial’ baggage, which you could let go, if only you were prepared to do some deep and serious reflecting.

And then, and as I have witnessed over and over again, once clients embarked on the journey of self-development, the relief and rewards become priceless.

Sadly and as Jim Rohn pointed out,”People only change for two reasons: inspiration or desperation.” I would suggest you choose inspiration and this he suggests, starts with taking responsibility for your self-improvement. His mentor, Earl Shoaff taught him that if you want to be happy or wealthy – learn to work harder on yourself than you do your job.

And one way to start is by controlling how you think and feel, because bad habits often rule our thinking and this could lead to procrastination and so on.

Also, if you can’t control your emotions you cannot control your money. Once you improve your emotions and feelings – your self-belief will grow and your resistance, to whatever has held you back, will begin to fade. And then a whole new you can emerge. And this happens when you are no longer bogged down by the past.

Once you relieved yourself the past, once you let go, you will land up ‘making room’ for new opportunities and new people to enter your life.

This is because the path to abundance is often an emotional one.

And the more you let go, the more you will find yourself at ease. This is when your resistance will drop. This will also allow you to begin to enjoy life more. And you’ll start having fun. And as a result, you’ll start becoming eager and excited about what comes next.

It’s about developing a whole new mindset.

Steven Pressfield, who is an American author, once said this: “ Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two – stands resistance.”

Watch yourself. Watch your resistance and watch your excuses. They are not necessary if they’re holding you back. It’s that simple.

It’s just a new way of thinking.

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