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Thrive Global and the Independent’s IndyConversations 100
a) Why I think emotionally smothering a child is the same as abandoning a child
b) 9 questions you should ask before falling in love, according to a relationship therapist:
c) What’s the greatest gift we can give during the pandemic?
d) As a relationship therapist, here’s what I’ve come to understand about Valentine’s Day:
e) What staying in an unhealthy friendship or relationship is doing to you, according to a relationship expert:
a) Beware, some therapists need therapy:
b) As a relationship therapist, I explain why it’s hard to let go and move on with 8 Psychological Reasons Why It’s Really Hard To Let Go, And 8 Tips How To:
c) A Relationship Therapist Suggests 12 Reasons Why We Should Learn To Value Those That Are Older Than Us.

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