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27. Relationship Wisdom: Be Prepared To Lose Some People On Your Journey As Some May Find Your Progress Threatening.

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Blog 27. Relationship Wisdom: Be Prepared To Lose Some People On Your Journey As Some May Find Your Progress Threatening.

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Often I used to remind clients that when you start your journey of self-awareness, and through your new understanding, as you shift your relationships might change.

People like to feel comfortable and when they see you shifting and progressing it might annoy them. People usually become uncomfortable when they see you succeed where they may have failed. So you may loose a few friends.

In other words the self-awareness process can be lonely at times – but it’s only for a while, until new people enter you life.

The trick is not to fear this loss. You too may also make the choice to move on.

And as you release certain people or as people leave, room gets made for new people to enter your life – and that’s rather exciting and worth waiting for.

As you change the people around you will change. And so people you thought you were once attracted to, may begin to fall away. In time you will begin to meet new people. And this can occur many times as you progress. And sometimes you may be attracted to people who only stay around for a while.

And what’s also is exciting about this process, is seeing who you begin to attract each time you reach a new level of self-discovery. It’s a way of measuring your progress.

So by taking those stepping-stones mentioned in my previous blog, you can monitor your progress. And when you look back at your choice of relationships, you may begin to see just how far you’ve come.

So remember that no matter how hard it is to remain on the path of self-discovery, it can be exciting and it can lead you to experience new things you never thought you were capable of achieving.

And you may just find a whole bunch of new and amazing friends along the way too!

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  • Alexa June 10, 2015 - 4:51 pm Reply

    I feel like the more at peace and sel awareness the more I want to be alone and I feel more happy in my own company, is this evidence of personal development?

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