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26. Relationship Wisdom: In A Rut? Then Get Off The Symbolic Bridge That Takes You Across The Water And Get Onto The Small-Stepping Stones Instead.

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Blog 26. Relationship Wisdom: In A Rut? Then Get Off The Symbolic Bridge That Takes You Across The Water And Get Onto The Small-Stepping Stones Instead.

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I am sure that many of you have at some time or the other, experienced that moment when you find yourself asking, ‘How on earth did I get myself into such a rut’.

When we make decisions that involve our careers or relationships sometimes we often jump into situations that can get us caught in a one track to nowhere.

It’s like driving across a bridge. A bridge takes you in one direction only – and that’s across the river. There’s no choice, and usually there’s no turning back until you reach the other end. You have to wait until you’ve crossed the bridge before you can turn back and change direction. And this could waste a lot of time.

Symbolically speaking, if you need to cross a river, wouldn’t it be better if you took little stepping-stones that cross the river instead? These would provide you with many more options.

This way you could test each stone. By slowly resting your foot on each stone you could test whether they wobbled or whether they were sturdy and safe to stand on. By realising and creating options you would open yourself up to the idea that there doesn’t have to be one choice – other stones might be far more suitable.

Taking the stepping-stone route allows you to occasionally look back so that you can see how far you’ve come, and it’ll help you see just how much you’ve achieved.

And little steps lead to bigger steps.

In other words, as you develop and as a result of your choices, your confidence will grow too. Creating options for yourself will also help you develop your sense of self and this will help you make the right decisions that suit you best.

So what’s this got to do with relationships?

This analogy is not about keeping your relationship options or keeping partners hanging on while you fool around.

Rather, this analogy explains how life can be seen as a personal journey and a journey that you can control via your own life choices. This analogy suggests that you use patience so that you can carefully discern and grow from your choices. Creating and believing that you have choices – is far better than getting yourself stuck in a rut.

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  • Alexa June 9, 2015 - 5:49 pm Reply

    I like the idea of stepping stones! Not scary!! ☺️

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