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Our Parents Relationships Becomes Our Relationship Blueprints.

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Relationship Blueprints.

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We learn at a very young age that our parents cannot be there for us 24/7. We then learn that nobody can be there for us 24/7. As a result, depending on the intimacy levels we had with our parents, this becomes our intimacy blueprint.

In extreme situations and put rather simply: on one hand some people may have trust and intimacy issues. They may find intimacy very difficult to bear. Often this is even unconscious. The fear of someone leaving can even override having a relationship.

On the other hand some people can be very needy hoping their relationships will give them the affection they didn’t get as children.

Most adults lie somewhere in between these two extremes.

Most of us on some level, all fear that we will be abandoned. We then choose relationships according to what we know and we learnt as children.

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