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The Word ‘Change’ Was Taboo In My Private Practice.

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Take Care When Using The Word ‘Change’.

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Although this statement is only too true, the word change was however a kind of a taboo in my Private Practice:

My system is for highly effective people who want to effect change. Through my work clients were able to feel and express what they felt in a deep manner that allowed them to heal and understand their past (habits, patterns and negative knee-jerk reactions) so as make better choices for themselves. Through sharing my relationship knowledge I showed them how they too could look for clues when choosing a partner so that they could make the right choices. However therapy is not about change. It’s about understanding and then comes choice. Expecting to change (eg through the process of therapy) doesn’t ever really happen. What can happen is that we can learn to make better choices. By that I mean that when we grasp that we are attracted to – similar people/partners with similar issues or whom we identify with (and whom we hope will help us heal our past) then knowing what we want from life and what our goals are, means that we can make better choices from the people or the groups that we attract.

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  • Mariana June 12, 2024 - 8:50 pm Reply

    Understand and then… choose… Wise words to get back on the path of life. Thank you Diedré

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