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Responsibility And The Word ‘Sorry’.

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Responsibility And The Word ‘Sorry’.  

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Sally Brampton in her final column for the Times Style Magazine said that one of the issues she wrote most about over the years was to do with responsibility and using the word ‘Sorry’.

She wrote: “We are not used to taking responsibility for how we behave. Why should I, when they did this to me? Or excusing behaviours so as not to take responsibility. Consequently the default position is to blame others.

The next word that often does not enter the vocabulary of responsibility is ‘Sorry’. This is linked with ‘Humility’ which does not mean humiliating ourselves. Instead it is a strength to take responsibilty for our mistakes and to admit them.

Saying and meaning that you are sorry – sorry which is not just a word but an action, often puts an end to disputes and drama”.

The reason why I found this article interesting is because here in London I have been appalled at the sense of aggressive entitlement and lack of just saying ‘Sorry’.

‘Sorry’ has been replaced by the word ‘But’ which is usually followed by some excuse for the behaviour. Unfortunately what this creates is resentment, friction and fury. Why? Because taking responsibility and just having manners and saying sorry leads to compassion and usually forgiveness.

We complicate our lives with drama and create resentments in others unnecessarily. Then we wonder why people don’t like us, ignore us or why we find life is so difficult.

Most importantly, if we are supposed to be role models for the next generation of children, do we really want to gift this generation with being unable to take responsibility for their actions, a lack of manners, unable to say ‘I am sorry’ and thereby blaming everyone else for their unhappiness?

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