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What influenced Me: “The Drama Of Being A Child” By Alice Miller

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What influenced Me: “The Drama Of Being A Child” By Alice Miller

I highly recommend this book by Alice Miller. I read this book just before I began my relationship therapy training. It’s a great read. However, the sentence that stood our for me was “your clients will only go as far as you have”. This encouraged me to do tons of work on myself.

It was obvious to me that I couldn’t expect my clients to do work that I had never done? So I humbly ‘got on my knees’ and strangely enough, whenever I needed to work on certain issues, out of the blue, someone would be recommended. So although my Relationship Knowledge System was developed not only through my life experiences, my training, client observation but also through my own life’s journey. I had to make sure that I was not what is called a ‘wounded healer’.

My own journey was not easy. However, the relief of understanding and discarding the emotional stuff that I carried, allowed me to make better choices and it enabled me to develop my amazing relationship system.

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