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Transformation Happens When You Let Go.

We can hold on to our past and to our destructive habits because we don’t often have time to even see that what we are doing is destructive. The treadmill of stress with tons of commitments mean we never get a look in – a look in to our own lives. Consequently sometimes we know something is wrong but we don’t know how to stop it. We know that something is stopping us from moving forwards.

However it costs less time than you think. It’s only when we begin to realise something is wrong that we can begin a new journey. A journey of observing ourselves as often this is the beginning of a shift. I frequently repeated my statement that we should – “Watch Ourselves Like A Hawks? This Is The Way Of Breaking Habits”.  And guess what – it may take a bit of time but it’s free….!

Do read my previous post on ‘How To Break Habits’ as might be worth a read.

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