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Have You Counted All The Dramas You Have Created?

This refers to my blog post – The knight in shining armour and  putting yourself on a pedestal:

Here’s a thing – many of us don’t realise just how addicted we are to daily dramas. Sometimes we aren’t even aware that things we say may have repercussions that lead to dramas, heated debates or even arguments. The question that we could ask is – ‘what is it that we actually gain from this’? Well it’s about 2 things:

1) It takes us ‘away’ from ourselves. Drama is about what the other person said or didn’t say. This means we can spend time on other people’s misdemeanors, their failings rather than focusing on our own lives.

2) It means we can tell others about how great we are compared to ‘how dare they do this or say this to me’. So drama can in our eyes make us feel better than the idiot who – ‘can you believe just did or said this!’.

As mentioned earlier, this is similar to my blog about putting people on pedestals. Except that in this case, creating drama often puts ourselves on a pedestal compared to the supposed idiot down there. However invariably if it starts with our feeling bad about ourselves it often ends with our still feeling bad about ourselves because arguments or dramas never leave parties feeling upbeat or positive. So really drama can be thought of as not only destructive as well as wasting our time focusing not on ourselves but others. As well as thinking we are better than perhaps that damn idiot. Except as I said in my blog, people on pedestals fall off. Perhaps it’s the other way round – that we feel so bad about ourselves that we need to create drama in order to elevate yourselves?

Just a thought….!

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  • Debra February 13, 2017 - 11:55 am Reply

    That’s the thiinkng of a creative mind

    • Deidré Wallace March 1, 2017 - 3:13 pm Reply

      Dear Debra

      Indeed! And thank you for your comment.

      Much appreciated,
      Deidré Wallace

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