The Deidré Wallace System


Psychodynamic Relationship Therapist, Life Coach and Teacher.

I help highly effective people understand exactly how and why they choose their personal and business relationships via my step-by-step relationship knowledge system.

I am not offering relationship advice, I am offering relationship knowledge.

I am a Psychodynamic Relationship Therapist, Life Coach and Teacher. I have had a Private Practice for 17 years. My training involved a rigorous 4.5 years relationship therapy training involving 450 supervised voluntary counselling hours.

I also have a Diploma in Adult Education and Degrees in Fine Arts and Child Psychology.

I have developed a unique step-by-step Relationship Knowledge System which I wish to share with a wider audience.

My knowledge is for highly effective people who want to create a difference in their lives.

With this knowledge you can take charge of your own life choices. This means that you don’t have be dependent on a therapist for longer than necessary.

My relationship tools take the complexity out of relationships and it gives you an important understanding of how relationships work – even when things go wrong and you don’t understand why.

Currently, I am offering my Relationship Knowledge via my Facebook Group and Facebook Page as well as my Blog Website:

Later I will describe my work using video called vlogging and I will use actors whenever necessary.

After this process, I hope to take my work to the theatre. I have already filmed various scenes using actors and luckily my project was overseen by a National Theatre Freelance Director here in London.

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